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For over 23 years, DRAMA SALON of East Brunswick has been one of New Jersey’s most popular hair salons. We specialize in color, Keratin smoothing treatments, cuts, updos, makeup, and high-end style. We’re the go-to destination for women who always want to look their best. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Styling Tips!

Styling Tips – Make Your Drama Blowout Last Longer

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DRAMA SALON Styling Tips

Here’s Four Quick Ways to make your Drama Blowout last longer:

1) Dry Shampoo. A Hollywood secret for years, there are lots of companies offering fabulous dry shampoo products that help sop up oil and keep your hairstyle looking fresh.

2) Invest in a good shower cap. The key to keeping your blowout smooth and shiny is keeping it dry. If you happen to get it wet…don’t fret (See #3).

3) Plug in your flat or curling iron. Just because your hair prefers to be 50-Shades of kinky doesn’t mean you have to like it. Quickly going over your ‘do with a flat iron in the morning will revive it’s style and keep it tamed.

4) Consider swapping your cotton pillow case for a satin one. The less “friction” on your hair while you sleep, the smoother it will be in the morning. (No satin cases on hand? Try wrapping a silk scarf around your locks).

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