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For over 23 years, DRAMA SALON of East Brunswick has been one of New Jersey’s most popular hair salons. We specialize in color, Keratin smoothing treatments, cuts, updos, makeup, and high-end style. We’re the go-to destination for women who always want to look their best. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Kurious About Keratin? Below Steven answers your questions..
1.  What type of hair is the best candidate for a keratin treatment?
A wonderful quality of keratin smoothing treatments is that they work on an amazing variety of hair textures. Keratin works  on very thick and frizzy hair and the result is a reduction of frizz and an increased ease of handling and often reduced styling time (at home blow-outs don’t take as long). On fine hair with frizz and the kind of ‘stubborn’ curl that our clients have never, ever been able to handle, the results are spectacular. It’s as if the client has a new head of hair that can look smooth, but not dead straight and even when not styled at all, the texture is vastly improved. It’s amazing. It’s the closest thing to a “miracle” treatment that we have.

2.  Can keratin be used on hair that’s otherwise treated (colored, highlighted, etc.)?
Yes, no matter what shape someone’s hair is in when they walk through our door, there is almost always a smoothing product that will work with it. After an initial treatment, it should last two-three months.

3.  What potential damage can keratin cause?
If keratin is applied professionally with an experienced stylist, it is an extremely gentle product and even conditions the hair. The only issue that could arise is, if too much flat ironing is done during the process, it could possibly damage the hair shaft. This is usually due to a stylist’s inexperience, it does not have to do with the product itself.

4.  What should a customer look for when seeking keratin from a stylist/salon?
A client should look for a salon/stylist that is reputable and has experience using with smoothing treatments. I would recommend asking for a consultation, and asking the salon/stylist how long they have been doing this service and approximately how many have they done. Be aware that salons who offer extremely inexpensive “smoothing treatments” are often using extremely inexpensive product.

5.  Once hair has been treated with keratin, are there limits to how it can be styled?
There are no limitations on how one may style hair that has had a keratin smoothing treatment. There will be less curl then before and that should be considered when planning a particular hair style. Other than that,the sky’s the limit.

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